Execution follows the plan.  Regular agreed to reviews of execution will be help to clearly articulate progress against the plan.

Execution requires a regular heartbeat of engagement, review and feedback. Generally we will arrange for regularly scheduled meetings to ensure there is this heartbeat. We will utilize eMail reports, conference calls, and face-to-face meetings to share results and hold meetings.

Outputs will be stored in a secure document store.


  • Regular Progress Reports
  • Draft & Final Materials


Once we have the assessment phase complete we will orchestrate a plan that makes it clear what needs to be accomplished, who will get the work done, and any 'project' based costs to achieve these are. The plan may very well be a set of regularly scheduled services that are founded on a retained arrangement.  Regardless the planning phase documents this.

We will review and mutually agree to this plan.  We may also return to the plan and optimize it as we get further into execution.

  • Plan with Deliverables
  • Special Project Definitions
  • Project Resource Engagements
  • ​Optional Agreements


During execution and especially during the review meetings we will find adjustments that will better optimize our plans to meet your goals, you will likely have new discoveries and needs you will want to add to the engagement.

This flexibility is important in targeting your goals. To ensure that we are capturing these adjustments and refining your plan, this phase will  sometimes go back to the previous phases to assess, replay, and continue execution on the new items or course.


  • Documented Optimizations
  • Refinement Plans


We will start with an initial review of your definition of your business, your needs, what you describe as the help you need with your business.

Following these initial reviews we'll propose an engagement to work with you. Once we complete the engagement agreements we will move to the second phase of the assessment.

The second phase goes more deeply into your business objectives, begins to articulate the key elements they are in good shaper, those that need tuning, others that are missing or may need and overhaul.

  • Assessment Document
  • Engagement Agreement 

we are quite flexible, but this provides you with a snapshot of

How our plan for SERVICES engagement generally works

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