Mr. Landry is a Technology Business & Marketing Executive with a long history of developing and marketing winning product portfolios and is a well-known industry leader in the areas of IT & Communications for his successful vision and strategies.

As an enterprise software and IT solution portfolio strategy and global marketing leader for NEC he has been instrumental in defining NEC’s Smart Enterprise IT and UC&C portfolios strategies. He operates in an engagement with NEC today, defining ongoing strategy, building and leading global marketing execution and as a global evangelist to the market.

Prior to NEC, Mr. Landry held senior positions in companies that included Sphere Communications, 3Com’s CommWorks Corporation, and U.S. Robotics, where he led product management, marketing, business development & alliances functions. Mr. Landry’s diverse background in engineering, marketing, and business, combined with his knowledge of enterprise software, system architectures, and SaaS create a unique foundation of knowledge.

The depth of Mr. Landry’s experience has empowered him as a speaker in numerous forums, panels, keynotes, and in relations with media and analysts. He is a member and contributor to many technology and marketing organizations and has been recognized via numerous awards, including multiple new product achievement awards, product of the year awards, advertising awards, and as one of the top 100 voices in VoIP. He is an Advisory Board member of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and has served on multiple industry standards boards. He also holds two patents in the area of communications systems and 3G wireless data systems. 

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The Cleversight Network

As a global technology expert Landry has a vast network of industry professionals.  This network includes expertise that span from the top marketing professionals, to ingenious software developers, to alliance and contract negotiators. Many of these professionals have found their way to independent businesses, leveraging the power of their expertise to support companies in their endeavors.

This independent network creates an open-source for bringing in the best expertise to address any particular program or project.  As you engage with cleversight you will get to learn that you now have a window into the best expertise you can get, without having to hire them all.  Sometime we call that, getting the best milk without having to buy the best cow.


Todd Landry

cleversight president

Observing the significant gap in realizing potential to assess product strategies and develop & execute clear go-to-market plans Landry founded cleversight.  The core of cleversight is founded on Landry's two decades of experience building and marketing successful technology products, but he also brings with him a well-known and trusted network of highly experienced professionals to businesses of all sizes. 


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